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Helgeson Funeral Home has been serving Northern Minnesota communities for over 70 years.  Since the early inception, the Helgeson family has served people from all walks of life, and continue to offer a wide selection of services for people in Roseau and Lake of the Woods Counties. 

On Highway #11, just on the east edge of Roseau
1207 3rd St. NE
Roseau, Minnesota 56751
Phone: 218-463-1211
Fax: 218-463-1212
Located next to the Warroad water tower.
506 Main Ave. N.
Warroad, Minnesota 56763
Phone: 218-386-1415
Fax: 218-463-1212

For more information, visit Helgeson Funeral Home Website.



Call (218) 463-1472 for more information!
111 3rd St NE, Roseau Minnesota  56751